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Update: Twitter solved it and unlocked the account within 45 minutes, so props for that!

Original post:
So after setting up a twitter account for “BigUpNews_com” and converting it to a business account, I got notified, that the account is locked, and I have to solve this captcha due to unusual activity, meaning they blocked the IP of my Fujitsu laptop, from which/where I am currently working from in my kitchen in Kiel, Germany.

Ok fine, annoying, but hey, spam protection makes sense.

What does not make sense is that after multiple times of directing the animals in the right direction, I keep getting an error message (note: screenshots at the end of this post). Also, I do not solve one, but 5 (sic!) direction captchas, before getting the error message once again, and having to start over.

It seriously violates my understanding of time and energy, so I thought I would post it, in case anyone had the same experience. I tried for about half an hour, then gave up (can’t fight an erroneous algorithm) to spend another half an hour on this post documenting it.

And yes, not only here, but also on Twitter:

BigUpNews has temporarily taken down its link to Twitter, which was next to LinkedIn, and I am seriously considering to ignore Twitter, at least for BigUpNews, if the engineers do not respond fast, and I do not have the feeling of talking to ignorant algorithms, instead of humans. It was a frustrating experience for a startup, and made me feel, for the first time, that Twitter has been corrupted technically. I hope you guys sort it out, fast …

I will will update this post with the communication I had with Twitter via email, well maybe, in any case keep the post updated with further developments regarding BigUpNews Twitter account “BigUpNews_com”.

As I, and BigUpNews, have no interest but to optimize startups, and also their use of Twitter, I of course do not want any conflict with neither Twitter team, staff, HQ, or Elon Musk, as I always acknowledge the effort, but this captcha experience really turned me off, and I wanted to share the experience, in case any others also had to go through the Sisyphus pain of trying to solve an insolvable captcha 😀

Finally, I wrote an outraged email to the support:

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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